March Box: Say “Adios Winter” With These Fruity, Summer-Inspired Cocktails

March Box: Say “Adios Winter” With These Fruity, Summer-Inspired Cocktails
Welcome to the Bardega party 🎉. Adios Winter was the first of our monthly boxes that kicked off our virtual cocktail concept. And yes, being up in the Northeast, this was our big F U to the cold and snowy winter we had. Let's just say, we were very jealous of our Cali friends at the class. 
Ain't no one is cooler than you, always remember that especially while drinking this tequila-based cocktail. The mix between the basil and strawberry shrub will leave you feeling fresher than the prince of Bel-Air.
Who's Cooler Than You? was a signature cocktail at REYLA, one of the concepts we have here in Asbury Park. Just going to put a selfless promo here, don't mind us. 
The name is a play on a cooler-styled cocktail. Not like jungle juice in a cooler... although sometimes that's needed when you've got a lot of alc (don't quote us). Rather, it's a fruit-front cocktail, in this case we use a strawberry shrub and the basil tincture to give this a sweet and herbaceous taste.
Let's spice things up. This spiced rum-based cocktail can be substituted with vodka, tequila, or aged rum. The real kicker is the spiced vanilla syrup to lock in those juices and spirits to get you (mentally) sailing through the Caribbean.
What the hell is in the Spiced Vanilla Syrup? It's not just sugar, spice, and everything nice (or chemical X while we're at it). We used a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and allspice in the syrup that is complimented by the dry, raisiny notes in the aromatic bitters.
We're ditching the normal old fashioned like we're ditching cold weather. Use this bourbon-based cocktail as a rewarding dessert or get right into it while eating your pancakes for breakfast. This is a judgement free zone.
The rosemary simple syrup is perfect for when we’re saying BYEEE to the winter, but still can’t let go of those fond memories of the first snowfall... or at least when it gets a *little* cooler in hotter states. Eyes on you, west coasters. 
For booze-forward cocktails, like *ahem* this one, you're going to want to opt for stirring rather than shaking. A good rule of thumb is if you're using cloudy ingredients, like juices, then go for the shaker. But, for more boozy cocktails, especially ones like the old fashioned, a stir around the old glass is all you need. 

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