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We believe great cocktails can be made by anyone, for everyone, and enjoyed everywhere. Making a cocktail shouldn’t require a degree in science, a secret knock, or a dress code. All it takes is an inquisitive mind, a wondrous spirit, and vigor in your shake.

Bardega inspires creativity and confidence with a shaker, making you the best ingredient. Our kits aren’t a moment in time that ends when the cocktail is done, they’re a learning experience. Each themed kit explores new ingredients, flavor combinations, or techniques for you to experiment with and share.  

Be messy. Get weird. Have fun!



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“We discovered Bardega’s cocktail classes and look forward to them every Thursday evening. Love learning not only how to make such unique drinks, but learning about different liquor’s history and flavors. I mean who knew I would ever need an absinthe sprayer? One day I’ll be able to invite a house full of guests and dazzle them with my new cocktails skills! Thanks, Pip and Dodge!”

Laura F.

Los Angeles, CA


“It’s been so much fun to learn new drinks and practice old ones with the creative duo (or sometimes trio) in the bunker. These classes have been really fun and a light (perhaps a neon “open” sign) when the world closed down. For that, I give you my thanks.”

Rob F.

Princeton, NJ


“Cocktail classes with Bardega are an awesome experience taught by a crew who clearly knows how to have a good time. They provide unique variations to drinks that show their dedication to the craft. Been going since day 1 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

Conner B.

New York, NY


“I’ve been attending Bardega’s classes every week since day one. It’s an excellent way to enhance your mixology skills, hang with some cool people, and simply have a great time! Dodge, Pip, and the team have created a wonderful and unique experience… highly recommended!”

Phil C.

Asbury Park, NJ


“If you want to have fun learning how to make bar worthy cocktails at home and getting expert advice on curating a great assortment of bottles for your bar then definitely give Bardega Cocktail’s classes a try! Classics and trendy – this class covers it all! I look forward to it each week! Cheers!”

Kevin C.

Philadephia, PA


“Pip and Jamie exude a chill attitude and yet have a great deal of creativity and knowledge to share. They don’t take themselves too seriously and yet the drinks they make are precise renditions of classics or interesting new directions.”


Chicago, IL