General Questions

Bardega Cocktail Club is a virtual cocktail experience based in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s the perfect place for those adventurous with different tastes, being a part of a nationwide community of home bartenders, and finding your new go-to signature cocktail. It’ll even help build out your liquor cabinet so it’s not just old bottles of Svedka.

Step one is sign up, but that’s obvious. We send you all the non-alcoholic ingredients in the mail. Information for each class will be emailed to you. All you’ll need to do is prep for the spirits and log into class with the link provided.

Not just some joe-schmo off the street, but trained, passionate… bartenders in the basement. The two leading bar dudes are Pip & Dodge go together like PB&J and are the masterminds behind the operation. Their teammates Trevor & Rich will be coming on to kick it with them, too.

Online access is all you need to attend our classes. Our classes are completely virtual making it easy even if you live in Seattle, Washington. But hey, if you need a vacay spot, you’ll be part of the fam and can definitely stop by.

We’ll be sad to see you go, but yes, you can cancel. :(  Remember to cancel before the start of your billing cycle.

With a little bit of love (and a fridge) these ingredients can last anywhere from 2 months to forever!

You’ll be charged on the same date of the month that you signed up, which confirms you for the email list and, of course, those cocktails, baby!

Hey, then shoot us an email at  shake@bardegacocktails.com and we’ll get right on answering to make sure you can be drinking with ease. If you have cocktail questions, visit our Ask The Bartender page.

Shipping Questions

Currently, we’re only shipping throughout the U.S., but you can gladly join in on the fun if the timing is right. We can’t promise you won't be drinking at 7 a.m., but that’s a great breakfast.

We don’t ship the alcohol to make it easier on you. No signature required. You can support your local liquor store and buy your favorite spirits. All of the cocktails are made with main base spirits that you probably already have in your house.

We can send you the non-alcoholic ingredients because liquor laws differ by state. But, we argue that these are the most important part of a cocktail. Don’t worry, we’ll include a list of suggested spirits for each cocktail.

Shoot us an email ASAP! We want to make sure that you have the best ingredients for the class and will send a replacement.