CANDYLAND Cocktail Kit

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Your journey began long ago; your first encounter with the sugary treats that would influence almost everything you did as a child. It started as a delight from your loved ones to see the joy it would bring, then eventually evolved into a tool to get you to be quiet. Either way was a win!

October became a month synonymous with candy, culminating with a single day where everyone you encountered was required to supply you with some! What?! Now, as we pretend to wave off our cravings, we just drink our candy. No judgment here!

Chocolate, berries, grapes, sour, sweet, yummy, gushy, gooey...Bardega is all about it! Whether you need to get away, chase the rainbow, or pucker up, the destination is always the same: CANDYLAND!



  • 3 Seasonal Cocktails
  • Non-Alcoholic Ingredients for 12+ Cocktails
  • Guided Recipe Cards



    • Alexander the Grape Soda Boozy Grape Soda
    • Duke of Swirl's Chocolate Forest | Chocolate Caramel 'Shake'
    • Lord Licorice's Strawberry Martini | Strawberry Anise Martini


      RECOMMENDED SPIRITS (or YOUR favorite spirit!):

      • Alexander the Grape Soda | Vodka, Gin or Tequila
      • Duke of Swirl's Chocolate Forest | Vodka or Rum
      • Lord Licorice's Strawberry Martini | Gin, Tequila or Vodka