Shaker Notes

Thoughts about cocktail trends and past Bardega boxes

First and foremost, anytime is a good time for bubbles! That is one of our many mantras. One year, Pip had a resolution with friends that we start every dinner with a glass of bubbles. That resolution has lasted nine...
Vino Blanco
This is a cool one. Another cocktail from Barrio Costero's graveyard. Our bartender, Trevor, wanted to feature this as part of a series highlighting cocktails made with wine, beer, or bubbles (our term for any sparkling wine). Pip designed it...
This will absolutely replace any coffee cocktail or “espresso martini” recipe you lean on When we held our (so weird to say now) “in-person” cocktail classes at REYLA in Asbury Park, NJ… , any version of this cocktail was my...
Got a bird what a whistle  Baby got a bird, honey got a bird it would sing  Baby got a bird, honey got a bird it would sing  Without my Corrina, sure don’t mean, sure don’t mean a natural thing...
Makai Sour
I’ll ride the wave where it takes me. Pip from Raise Your Spirits (2020): "Sometimes a drink is more of a moment than a flavor. Three weeks into quarantine I thought back to that trip to Mexico, motivated to share my experiences...