Bardega Cocktail’s Guide to Stocking Stuffers For Cocktail Lovers

Bardega Cocktail’s Guide to Stocking Stuffers For Cocktail Lovers

Stocking stuffers are like the penultimate gift after everyone beelines directly for the big gifts wrapped under the tree. It’s like the cherry you find hidden at the bottom of a cocktail: a sweet surprise. But they can also be the bane of existence, especially for the ones that clearly look like they were put together last minute. SNL’s Christmas Mom skit anyone? 


While we’re sure your loved ones are going to enjoy lottery tickets (personally love the crosswords one) it’s time to reimagine the world of stocking stuffing. Let’s ditch the sock bundle this year and go for something more thoughtful for those who love a good cocktail. 

Let’s make sure your Mom, Dad, S.O., Bestie, and everyone else in between that love a good cocktail (21+, of course) feel special this year. And even your... fur babies!?! You heard us right. 



Nothing is more important than glassware, especially if you can get some sick looking glasses that don’t break the bank. These are the Kiruto™ Stackable Rocks Glasses that come in a pack of 6 for just $30. So much better than a red solo cup. 


Bardega Syrups and Shrubs


Never underestimate the importance of a shrub or syrup in your cocktail. We just launched our new shop just in time for the holidays to shop some banging ingredients to add to your next holiday cocktail (or mocktail, still tastes amazing)! 


We’re currently offering 

-Orange Shrub

-Spiced Hibiscus Syrup

-Allspice Syrup

-Peppermint Syrup

Check them out on our shop!


Raise Your Spirits Cocktail Recipe Book


Oh, would you look at that, how convenient! We have our own cocktail recipe book that takes your Mr. Boston Guide and uses it as a paper weight. Too much? Unlike other cocktail books, we say “sayonara” to basic recipes and put our own twists on martinis, gin cocktails, those island rum drinks, and so much more. Plus, this isn’t another boring history retelling, you’ll actually enjoy the ride. 

Psst, this is also available on our shop!


Shaker sets 


For every cocktail maker, they have to have a good arsenal of kick ass equipment. It’s essential to have a shaker set handy especially when making cocktails from our boxes. Most of the time, we shake two cocktails and stir a third because shaking dilutes and chills your cocktail. 

Remember, shaker sets come in many different varieties: Boston, Cobbler, Parisian (French), or tin-on-tin. See this Complete Shaker Guide to compare to find your best fit. 

Dog Toys

Haute Diggity Dog released a line of White Paws, totally an innovative and cute way to get your pets in on the drinking without, you know, actually drinking. How’s the saying go? No bad dawgs when you got White Paws?

Seriously, Socks

If you’re gonna get socks, get the good socks, like these bad boys from Sockologie.
You know, socks that have a cocktail recipe on it are just something special. You can never forget now.