Wonka Box: Cocktail Recipes that Are Like Drinking Candy

Wonka Box: Cocktail Recipes that Are Like Drinking Candy

Sour, Sweet, Gone? Just how we make our cocktails. From the Gumdrop Mountains to the Candy Castle, we’ll be getting our sweet tooth on. Trick-or-Treating is different for this October box where you can drink your candy. While we’re at it, we’re side eyeing the people who give pencils and erasers. Even we aren’t that evil. 

Inspired by the classic Warner Bros. movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and (of course) the Tim Burton remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this box is giving you all those nostalgic moments. Like a kid in a candy shop. Literally. 

Let’s face it. There are two types of people in this world: the ones whose favorite Starburst is the red ones and liars. Totally not biased on that. As a kid, were you the one that would beeline for the strawberry or cherry flavor and pawn off the other flavors, or did you eat the others and save the best for last? Guilty on that last one. It’s the simple pleasures in life. 

This cocktail is on the sweeter side. It is the RedFave for Life, after all. With the Sour Sugar Rim, it’s as if Starbursts had a baby with Sour Patch Kids. Ah, that’d be a true utopia. 

Nothing is more iconic than the Root Beer Float. That mix of sweet and, well, more sweet just really meshed. While this cocktail is sans vanilla ice cream, it is all about that rum to bring in those sweet flavors. 

Two unique ingredients going into (and around) this cocktail are anise and demerara sugar. 

Anise? What’s that? 

You either lived to see it or lived to know of it. The first soda shop opened in 1903 and soon became a mainstay of local drug stores. So… a CVS next to a McDonald’s doesn’t count, sorry. If only those soda shops were selling our cocktail for 5 cents… actually, let’s just keep it in the box. 

We’ve used Oleo Sacchrum before in our Bodhi Box using grapefruit. This time, we used orange peels. Oleo Sacchrum uses the peels of fruits, muddled with sugar and left to collect the oils of the fruit for a few hours. It’s our own candy witch’s potion. 

To dedicate this to those nostalgic places where you could buy pop and aspirin in the same place, and it was much cooler, here’s to the Soda Shoppe.

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