May'd in Mexico Box: Mexican Inspired Cocktails for Summer

May'd in Mexico Box: Mexican Inspired Cocktails for Summer
Two very important notes: 100% Agave and 100% from Mexico. We're going to lift our taste bud travel restrictions and take it south to Mexico where the coconut trees line the Caribbean coast. Let it all loose on a night of tequila and take that leap into spicy cocktails. After a night of partying, take a back seat and bite into sip on Mexican chocolate.
Ahh, the "old empire" of Mayan civilization. Drink your cocoa cocktail Mayan style who would consume chocolate in liquid form.
This is not your average old-fashioned, we’re not gonna be basic, yuck. This cocktail twists the OG cocktail recipe, then flips it on it’s head, turns it around and- well, you get the point. This recipe calls for reposado tequila, but you can try your hand with aged rum or bourbon. Adding in those tinctures and you’ll be one sip away from chocolate paradise. Class reg, Frankie, likens the taste to a molten lava cake. That really warms our hearts.
This savory cocktail is here to give your taste buds a run for their money. Make sure to rim your glass with the Salt of the Gods to feel almighty with each sip.
In the Salt of the Gods, you may notice that it uses achiote whose full name is Achiote annatto bixa orellana (yeah, we know). Achiote is traditionally primarily by people in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico to form a paste cooked with proteins like meat and fish.
No pricks in this cocktail, only the sweet tastes of the prickly pear potion and tequila. Ride through the desert on each sip and channel those wild and free vibes.
Did you know that the Paloma is the national cocktail of Mexico? You probably thought it was those sweet sweet margies that we are constantly dreaming about…. just us?  The Paloma uses a Prickly Pear Soda Potion and mezcal to create not only an awesome beautiful bright color but literally heaven in a glass.

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