January Box: New Year’s Resolutions We Can Actually Keep in 2022

January Box: New Year’s Resolutions We Can Actually Keep in 2022

Resolute THIS! 

Dry January. The ultimate fear of bartenders across the world. Seriously, it dates back further than a Facebook commitment when Finland issued a “Sober January” campaign during WW2. And who knows, maybe we can swing the American prohibition in the 1920s to fit, too. If you can read Finnish or have a translator app, this article by Dr. Elina Melgin is worth the read to spruce up on some history. Who knows, maybe it will be a Jeopardy question one day. 

The position of Dry January after a multi-month holiday celebration in America is actually nicely fitting when you think about it. It falls after those Halloween punches, the comfort wine at Thanksgiving, and right after the week-long break some may have to celebrate with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. At this point, we all need a break from the various (and sugar loaded) alcoholic beverages we’ve consumed. We’re looking at you, Eggnog.  

That made picking the theme for this month a bit tricky. Where would we start to not bombard you with tempting flavors that might not fit your new year’s resolutions? So we took it a bit further, and a lot healthier, with Resolute THIS!

We may have some high aspirations going into 2022, crafting the perfect cocktail should be near the top of that list. Don't let the things you love impede on your diet, exercise, or yearly goals. Here's to finding the right, clean ingredients to imbibe on the healthier side, while not forgetting to treat yourself!


This month’s box will explore the healthier cocktail recipes with ingredients that aren’t processed and low cal through artificial chemicals. Yuck. 

We’re saying it right now, ditch the soda in your fridge. Seriously, even if it’s diet. 

Not all cocktails need to use artificial sugar in their ingredients. And as much as we’d love a nice Hurricane to dream of an island paradise in the dead of winter, we have to pass on that processed passion fruit juice. Juuuuust this time. 

Each cocktail in the box is its own right of passage to healthy land with blends of citrus, soothing herbs, healing spices, that’ll keep you on your year long journey of self-love. All the effervescence you need can easily be substituted for club soda. Trust us, you’ll love the difference in taste. 

We have a small (understatement) word of advice for you who always find that they can’t keep their resolutions past January: just take it easy. A lot of the time when resolutions fall through, it’s because we bit off too much that we couldn’t chew. And yes, that idiom still works for diet resolutions.

It’s easy for us to set high goals and aspirations… just look at what the top New Year’s goals are. Often, they’re a complete change in lifestyles that magically transition on New Year’s Day. After the holidays with eating and drinking, it’s hard for us to just flip 180° on a whim like that. Our bodies just aren’t made to do that… at least easily. 

Start off with changing little things. Buy a reusable water bottle and have a goal to drink two of them. Say you’ll incorporate at least one veggie into your meals (Bloody Mary celery counts). Or opt for a further parking spot to get extra steps in. 

Resolutions shouldn’t be this huge thing that make us feel guilty when we are just too busy to hit the gym or have a donut for breakfast. Fuck that. We should be feeling better about ourselves and be proud of the little things in life that make us happy.

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