Heat-Uh-Tha-Summah: Using Peppers in Your Cocktails

Heat-Uh-Tha-Summah: Using Peppers in Your Cocktails
This class we're bringin' the HEAT! With this hot weather we're experiencing, we're giving you a few cocktails to keep it cool. Featuring summer flavor bombs like sweet piquillo peppers, hot honey, and a GREEN POTION? Yep, we like to keep you on your toes. Here's to cooling off and drinking up in the heat of this summer.
Now is the only time you can say you're excited about mosquitos. The Red Mosquito doesn't bite, unless you're pouring in more spirits to get your groove on.
How did Pip get inspired for this cocktail? He wanted to drink peppers and he wanted to drink them fast. BE AWARE!! Looks are deceiving. The Red Mosquito looks like a berry daiquiri or a Bloody Mary, but what you’re going to taste is more along the lines of roasted red pepper.
The longer you keep The Sultan cold, the faster you can drink it. Embrace the herbal flavors of gin mixed with the hot honey syrup and get earthy with it by adding Cocchi Americano.
The Sultan was an OG cocktail for REYLA (* ahem* tasteful promo). The Sultan is like a Bees Knees but made with more love... and Cocchi Americano. Use either that or Lillet Blanc (both are fortified white wines) to bump up that ABV and give your cocktail herbal flavors.
The Devil on the Horizon uses a green garden potion that makes this cocktail cool and refreshing. Ya don't need a green thumb to enjoy it.
The Green Potion is your own botanical witch bottle with cucumber, celery, and jalapeno (you know, only the green stuff). Halloween in July, anyone? This cocktail calls for a lighter spirit like ginger or peach liqueur, anything that is literally on the lighter side (color-wise). Strong, dark berry liqueurs will overpower this cocktail and you may not get the right balance of tastes.

This ingredient was going like hotcakes. Get it? Hot because of… you know let’s just move on. Highlight of this month's box was this bad baby right here: 

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