Friendsgiving Box: Cocktail Recipes To Share With Your Friends

Friendsgiving Box: Cocktail Recipes To Share With Your Friends

It's finally getting to be that time of year when the sweaters and the stretchy pants come out. We all love to indulge, especially with our cocktails. From Friendsgiving, to the actual Thanksgiving where we may have some fun and awkward family time, at least we'll have a cocktail in hand.

Let’s get personal, it is Friendsgiving, of course. 

I first heard of Friendsgiving in my sophomore year of college, then it was just getting together in the common room with freshly ordered Dominos some… soda, yeah soda… and watching TLC until 1am. Now, my friends and I are a bit more organized and finally are getting into that “you-have-to-cook” spirit. But, honestly, I’m bringing the Bardega Box and will be on cocktail duty (and definitely some pumpkin pie). 

Did anyone else despise cranberry sauce when they were kids and now it’s the first dish you go for? No, just us? I guess that’s why “Pass the Cran” was the instant phrase that came to mind because that dish now always sits right next to our plate. Whether straight out of the can or made from scratch we will be taking seconds of those and this cocktail.

Who's Passing the Cran?

Our Pass the Cran Jam syrup includes cranberry, sorrel, cinnamon, clove, peppercorn, and cane sugar to give you heaven in a bottle. After using it in a cocktail, try using this bad boy in your tea, on ice cream, and definitely sneak some in on Thanksgiving.  

Every good Friendsgiving has to have something on the savory side. Good for the Gander explores those earthy notes using gin, thyme, and gooseberry (hey- get it?). 

Ganders are generally referring to male geese. Unfortunately, "Ganderberry" didn’t make the cut. 

Alright Northeasterners, you know what time of year this is: sweaters, hot coffee or tea, and asking people to look when you blow hot breath to see steam (don’t act like you don’t). 

Hot cocktails are especially important when it’s too damn cold for an iced cocktail. The age-old battle of iced or hot coffee in the middle of January actually started with battling over Toddy or Jameson on the rocks (don’t fact check that).

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