Everyone Gets Lei'd: Best Recipes to Kick Rum Month's Ass

Everyone Gets Lei'd: Best Recipes to Kick Rum Month's Ass

What happens on the island, stays on the island. Summer isn't over yet, we're going to squeeze out the last of those citruses while we can. August '21's box took us down to the islands The Beach Boys only dreamed about. We channeled our own inner Pirates of the Caribbean because we needed rum... and lots of it. When tackling this box, it may be time to break out your island shirts and hula skirts for this class. And definitely don't forget your Tiki glass.

A little of the macadamia madness syrup goes a long way. Not recommended to sip on while hula-ing.

Have a Hula-Va-Time is a play on a cocktail from waaaay back in the beginning of the pandemic when these classes were just a way to keep connected with our locals while our brick-and-mortar restaurants were closed. Ugh, now it's all sad here. We need another cocktail...  

Only paradise here. A twist on the classic jungle bird cocktail, Jungle '21 is a simpler cocktail recipe that is made specifically for the chaos of 2021.

As Jamie Dodge would say (or sing): "Rummy Rum Rum, goes in the Cuppy Cup." You can find his new single on Spotify soon, once those pesky copyright strikes stop. While there is a quaint nuttiness about this (ah, thank ya Almond Co-Ca), what you're really going to taste is more of a fruit punch. 

Shocka means hang loose 🤙 in Hawaii. When you hear that we have a Shocka Old Fashioned, would you imagine it uses aged rum? You can try it with Bourbon and Reposado Tequila, too, but don't leave out the Jamaica Allspice Syrup or Tiki Tincture.

Jamaica (actually pronounced: huh-my-cuh) Allspice creates a more warm, woody flavor added to this cocktail which pairs extremely well with the darker tastes of Aged Rum, Bourbon, or even Reposado Tequila. Although, this is a blog to "kick rum month's ass" after all, but we wont tell if you decide to experiment.

 Tips and tricks for managing the lemon peel: 

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