Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Gremlins: Christmas Movie Themed Cocktails

Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Gremlins: Christmas Movie Themed Cocktails

We’ll say it loud and proud, the best Christmas movie is Die Hard. And we’re not wrong, even the official 20th Century Fox YouTube channel released a holiday themed trailer. We’ll “die hard” on this hill.  

This whole idea of Christmas as the backdrop for non-Christmas movies got us thinking: what other movies did this? Lethal Weapon’s iconic “snuff” out amidst bountiful Christmas trees. A gnarly, red-eyed Gremlin stalks from the decorated Christmas tree while Lynn Peltzer creeps up on a moving stocking. The sweat, obviously from the fireplace and not terror. What better way to celebrate the holidays than ditching Rudolph and the Heat Miser and turning to the real holiday classics. 

A distraught Hans Gruber played by the iconic as always Alan Rickman is in the middle of a heated back and forth via walkie talkie with bloodied and sweaty John McClane (Bruce Willis). Dare we even have to go further before Hans stressfully declares McClane “Mr. Cowboy” and we get the most influential Christmas quote of the year. At least in our book. 

Yippee Ki Yay, Secret Santa!! is all our senses of Christmas wrapped into one cocktail and bolstered by those warming spices ingredients being held hostage in the Hans Gruber Holiday Shrub and 6hrs Syrup. While we would love for you to reenact that pivotal scene of Gruber falling off the Nakatomi Tower, that’s unnecessary for enjoying this strained cocktail. 

For one thing, it’s never too early for a Shamrock shake, and it’s ESPECIALLY never too early if it’s a boozy one .You heard us: alcoholic Shamrock shake. Well, in our own way because of *shiver* copyright. Shaking that Coconut Potion and Minty Mogwai Syrup gives you that creamy, minty sweet goodness not unlike a Gremlin itself. It’s cute, it’s fluffy, it’s bubbly and as long as you don’t feed it after midnight it’ll never be evil. 

“No, wait a minute, that would make me fifty years old, that can't be right.”

Aging like a fine rum, bourbon, or rye whiskey, Murtaugh’s badassery is undeniable. He’s the voice of reason, even if that reason is calling Riggs an “a-hole” straight to his face. It seemed so fitting after how much these past two years aged us to make the iconic line “I’m Too Old For This Shit” into our third cocktail recipe. Get a little sweet, get a little earthy because that’s what Christmas is all about.

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