Cocktails To Get You in a Better Back To School Mode

Cocktails To Get You in a Better Back To School Mode
When it's September, there’s only one thing on our minds: get the kids back to f’in school. But for this box, we’re taking you with them. Serve the teach' an apple cocktail to get on their good side, show off your go-go juice at recess, and hide your lunchbox snacks (trust us, you won't want to share our P,B,&J).
Teacher’s Pet is a sour-style cocktail, something that you’ll get to know us for is that we love to use egg whites (or aquafaba as a vegan-friendly substitute) to add a frothy cap to the cocktail. Besides making the cocktail look gorgeous, it also adds a different texture and flavor to enhance it (but it’s really because we like pretty things). This is a recommended ingredient, so if neither egg whites nor aquafaba is for you, leave it out. At the end of the day, it’s all up to your own preference.
What we don’t recommend is leaving out the Apple Dust, that’d just be a crime. Using a combination of spices you’d find in a traditional apple pie, it does more than just “compliment” the cocktail, it makes it magic. Dust it on the top, rim the glass, eat it by itself. We are obsessed.

Boozy chocolate milk, boozy cold brew, or boozy goodness. Whatever you want to call it, the Go-Go syrup is going to make you reeeeal popular during adult recess (happy hour).

This is for those late nights in the library and those 5 a.m. alarms that make it seem like we need something extra to keep us awake. Who said coffee couldn't give us a little pick-me-up, we won't tell the principal. 

A key ingredient of this cocktail is our Unsweetened Chocolate Horchata, a rice-based drink, traditionally sweetened with cinnamon (but we opted out of that this time around). Using either rum or vodka (depending on how sweet you want it) you'll be getting those dark cocoa, espresso "notes" that your peers will definitely want to copy. 


The quintessential lunch special in school was that PB&J sandwich, when you’d hope that the crusts were cut off. Ya see, when we get older, though we still are children at heart and love a classic PB&J, sometimes its best to make it 21+. Here the “B” stands for bourbon, not butter. This time around, we’ll be using a Peanut Orgeat rather than peanut butter.

We have two recommended spirits for this cocktail. If you want a more sweeter taste, opt for the bourbon. If the Tri-Berry Jelly and Peanut Orgeat already seem sweet to use, go for that rye whiskey that'll give you a dryer taste. 



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