Bodhi Box: Refreshing, Beach Cocktails to Get in the Summer Mood

Bodhi Box: Refreshing, Beach Cocktails to Get in the Summer Mood
When we had Swayze as Bodhi and Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon, it’s no wonder we’re kicking it old school for the surfer-themed Bodhi Box. This box takes you through the journey of a surfer dude from the beachy cream (ours is edible), the Laird Hamilton diet, to that post wave relax at sunset. Hang loose, dude 🤙
Beach Bum is your own house-made White Claw using Grapefruit Oleo Saccharum (not to be confused with some witch's spell). Rather, it's grapefruit skin macerated in sugar.
The ingredients to this cocktail work like a symphony, each with a good concentration of flavor working together to make the sweet sounds (tastes) for a refreshing cocktail. We're stretching it, but you get the gist. 
Job's stressful, you know? Sometimes you need a Lifeguard On Duty to just relaaaaax. Just make sure if you're really a lifeguard that you're drinking this off-duty.
The flavor profile of the Lifeguard on Duty is going to be more smokey and peppery between the turmeric and mezcal. If the taste is too savory, try cutting the mezcal or completely replacing it with tequila. Either way, using tequila in this recipe is morally required. 
Turmeric is a great source of antioxidants and is used to treat inflammation, pain, and in some cases depression. A cocktail that makes you literally feel better? Count us in. 
Prime surfing season in Panama is March-October with waves as huge as 20-30 feet. Even Barneys (surfer rookies) can have a sip.
When using the beachy cream, it's up to your discretion how much you want to put it. It's better to start with a small amount and add more as you go. You can always add but, unfortunately, you cannot take out. This beachy cream has us feeling like this for summer: 
We may burn, but at least we'll have a good cocktail in hand. 
The mixing technique is all in the name of the cocktail. Swizzle. Take your mixing spoon, chopstick, tea spoon, totally *not* your finger, and rub it between your two palms. Imagine you're lighting an imaginary bonfire on the beach. 
Last step: simply enjoy. 

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