Tiger Style: Cocktail Recipe for Netflix's Tiger King 2

Tiger Style: Cocktail Recipe for Netflix's Tiger King 2

In Kung Fu, Tiger Style is respected for its brutal, straight-forward, and lightning-quick attack style. A master of the discipline will tell you that Tiger Style requires confidence, adaptability, and a bit of badassery. Preparing certain ingredients in advance simplifies the cocktail-making experience and encourages spontaneous, kickass creativity. Let this cocktail be your sifu, training you in the art of experimenting with contrasting flavors and components. A shrub, for instance, helps to create balance. Learning to make an insta-shrub is great for your home bartending arsenal.

Hey all you cool Cats & Kittens! Our quarantine sessions were definitely inspired by what was happening in the world and in our living rooms. By Session Two, Tiger King , Netflix’s exposé on the strange world of big cat “sanctuaries,” had taken its hold on the binge-watching masses. Exposé might be too generous; it was more like what the rest of 2020 would unexpectedly become: a train wreck. We couldn’t look away, so we certainly wanted to reference it in class! No better time to showcase one of our first and most popular cocktails to come from Barrio Costero

With the release of Tiger King 2 on Netflix, we thought it all the more fitting to showcase this tiger beauty one more time. We'll be sipping on these during our binge-watch.  

"This is one of the best cocktails I’ve come up with, and hands- down the best name. Every time I make it, I try to imitate RZA growling “ TIGER STYLE !” just like he did the first time I ever heard Wu-Tang Clan. Rolling around in my buddy’s beat up Volvo, he grabbed a cassette out of a caseless pile, none wound to any specific spot. Barely looking at it, he threw it in the player, looked me dead in the eyes, and snarled along with RZA . I quickly learned that Wu Tang Clan, in fact, Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck Wit. I was a young teenager at the time, I’d never heard anything like it before, and it fucking blew my mind. I was in! I listened to that album, side to side, over and over for the rest of the night, the rest of the winter, and I will for the rest of my life. Inspectah Deck’s verse on that song comes out like gunfire, still amazing me now, and it’s only 20 seconds long!"

- Pat Pipi from Raise Your Spirits (2020)

Sometimes naming cocktails is a bitch, but it’s often the most rewarding part. People may not recognize the name, but the personalized touch is what we're most proud of. We name my cocktails to give thanks to artists and creators we admire. Whether they’re inspired by musicians, comedians, or writers, the names of my cocktails are subtle hints to the culture that shapes us.

Tiger Style Recipe

-  1 ½ OZ GIN






Combine all ingredients, except club soda, in a shaker. Add ice, seal, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into a collins glass and top with club soda. Fill glass with fresh ice. Garnish with orange peel. Optional: rim your glass with your favorite salt.