Non-Alcoholic Uses for Your January Cocktail Ingredients

Non-Alcoholic Uses for Your January Cocktail Ingredients

Okay, you’re here because you either….

  • got your box, loved the ingredients so much, but don’t feel like drinking
  • have so much left over because you’re a measuring god
  • loved the cocktails (or didn’t, everyone’s got their tastes) but don’t want to waste the ingredients.


We get it, it feels literally illegal to dump ingredients after guiltily letting them build up in the fridge. Sometimes, we just need a little inspo to get us going. After all, while we may be named Bardega Cocktails, that doesn’t mean we need to use every ingredient in cocktail recipes.


Here’s a list of fun and new things to get your creativity flowing and your ingredients from wasting away next to Arm & Hammer.


Gluhwein Potion

Two words: drink city. The Gluhwein Potion just seems like an easy throw away… or throw- in to your winter drink routine. Try adding some to your late-night tea (your own personal preference on how much). Bonus points if you’re using a tea that is already made with orange, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, or juniper. The potion is sure to mix well in your hot bevvie.  


Chamomile Syrup

Let’s stay on the tea-train. A seemingly match made in heaven is the Chamomile Syrup and a nice Early Gray… or Black Tea… Apple Cinnamon… honestly, there’s no limits to which type to use.

Not a tea drinker? It’s okay, we are going to force you to be. The Chamomile Syrup just might be your next coffee buddy, too. We’re used to the forceful jolts that coffee gives in the morning, but with the added chamomile taste flowing in each sip, your morning just got a lot more relaxed. We’d like to think.


Mandarin Shrub

Easy thing about shrubs: you can use them to enhance virtually any carbonated drink from straight up club soda for a mandarin kick to making your own self-patented Mandarin Coke. Sorry Cherry Coke, time to go. 

Okay, we know we know it's the beginning of the year and your goal might be to cut out carbonated drinks all together. Try experimenting with mixing the shrub with vinegar to make a light, mandarin flavored dressing for your salad. Bonus points for adding slices of mandarins into your recipe.


Spirolina Agave

Hear us out: sugar substitute. We know there’s a clear difference between the liquid agave syrup and dry sugar, but according to this Taste article you don’t need to worry. They recommend using “half as much agave as you would sugar” for any baking recipes of your choosing. Hello Valentine’s Day cookies!


2022 Tinc Tinc

Teeeechinically any time you use bitters you will be using alcohol, but only a small amount. Trust us, a little goes a long way with these flavor bombs (we’re talking around 2-6 drops). With this month’s box revolving around health-consciousness (even with the Cheat Day cocktail) we’ll let you in on a little tip for hiccups.

Step one: gather your ingredients. You’ll need a slice of lemon, your bitters, and (optionally) a pinch of sugar (hey, or agave!).

Step two: dash a couple of the bitters on your lemon. Let it soak and add sugar if needed.

Step three: get through eating the lemon slice without making a face (this is super hard)


Bitters in club soda is also perfect for upset stomachs. And, yes, throw a lemon in there for good measure.