A Twist on Classic Cocktails: Three Ways to Use Bitters to Raise Your Spirits

A Twist on Classic Cocktails: Three Ways to Use Bitters to Raise Your Spirits

Ladies and gents, let us introduce to you the Dynamic Duo: Pat Pipi and Jamie Dodge. DJ, cue the music. 

Whether you’re here for fun, to learn, or need something to pull you away from binge watching The Office in its entirety for the fourth time, all are welcome. Pull up a chair, put on your comfy pants, grab the spirits and ingredients, and simply log in. We’re talking about Bardega Cocktails. 

Can we just talk for one moment about the energy that Pip and Jamie have? Did you feel it, too? It felt like Wayne and Garth (Laverne and Shirley? Chip and Dale?) but with beards… and behind the bar…well, maybe that’s a stretch, but the sentiment still stands. 

Pip and Jamie bring such an enriching experience that defies the expectations of a cocktail class. The duo curates a range of ingredients that surpasses those stale Jack and Cokes and they even tell you why.   

More than a Virtual Cocktail Class 101: 

Not your average history professor.

Pip, Jamie, and bar team member Trevor do so much more than just pour your cocktails. You’ve got chemistry, and I’m not talking about just mixing cocktails. Even history of the drinks, the ingredients, and inspiration are infused into the class without it seeming so Intro to Cocktails 101. 

Trevor’s 21st Century Man, plays off the 20th Century cocktail curated by the head of the UK bartender’s guild, C.A. Tuck, in 1937. 

While Trevor may have “derailed” from the original recipe, his choice to switch the ingredient Lillet Blanc to Sweet Vermouth transforms this cocktail into a dreamy and light drink with notes of chocolate. We’ll need more stops on this train ride to have seconds. 

The trio showcase uncommon drinks and flavors that they add to their cocktails. Last class, different bitters and gins were mixed, shaken, stirred, or danced into dreamy cocktails. My mouth was watering at the sight in comparison to my computer-side beer.  

Choose your Camera Angle Well

The crowd most definitely felt the energy. Every person on camera was joking around in the beginning and full dancing by the end. If you’re lucky, you may be featured on the big screen showing off your best shake.

We had a full carousel of everyone gettin’ their shake on. Metal ones, ones with two cups, ones with caps, a full array of shakers. James Bond would surely approve.  

Concerned you can’t participate because you don’t have your own bar equipment? Don’t worry, Pip and Jamie give countless tips and tricks to guide even the most casual of cocktail makers. 

Don’t have a mixing spoon? You can use chopsticks, spoons, or fingers. Although, Pip says “if you have guests over, don’t use your fingers it’s not COVID-recommended.” 

No muddler? Use a wooden spoon, something durable, or just follow Jamie’s advice to “use your fists!”

The possibilities are endless, let’s not let a lack of fancy equipment turn you off, we got options.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, study up on your “camera sutra” for our surprise spotlights and chance to talk to Pip and Jamie.

Recap: “One for the Memories”

21st Century Man: after dinner cocktail, sweet, citrusy, chocolatey. 

Skip the coffee and cake, I want this. 

Some Call Me Flippy: Sweet, creamy, desserty, citrusy, light spice. 

Never too early  for eggnog, even if it’s 9 a.m. and August. 

Digestivo Sazzy: Bittersweet, smoky, deep. 

This is voracious (adj.): wanting or devouring great quantities of food.

Still thirsty? Then snag that spot for the virtual cocktail class and prep your kitchen, bar, or anything thing with a surface. We’re making cocktails.