Shaker Notes

Thoughts about cocktail trends and past Bardega boxes

Mardi Gras Cocktail Recipes to Prepare for Carnival
Colors, beads, and risque ways to attain them are the first images that come to mind when people think of Carnival, or our own Western tradition with Mardi Gras. It’s easy to be captured in the party, with large, brilliant...
Non-Alcoholic Uses for Your January Cocktail Ingredients
Okay, you’re here because you either…. got your box, loved the ingredients so much, but don’t feel like drinking have so much left over because you’re a measuring god loved the cocktails (or didn’t, everyone’s got their tastes) but don’t...
Tiger Style: Cocktail Recipe for Netflix's Tiger King 2
In Kung Fu, Tiger Style is respected for its brutal, straight-forward, and lightning-quick attack style. A master of the discipline will tell you that Tiger Style requires confidence, adaptability, and a bit of badassery. Preparing certain ingredients in advance simplifies...